Episode 1: Know your host Gaia Morrissette

TIckle.Life Podcast Episode.One: Know your host Gaia Morrissette

Tickle.Life promises you a juicy sneak peek into the personal life, dating and sexual experiences of the top sexperts! After all, we do love to be a good voyeur, a fly on the wall listening in to all the juicy conversations. 😉

Get to know your fabulous host Gaia Morrissette beyond her professional persona. She is a holistic sexual instructor, BDSM expert and a high priestess. Sounds wow, doesn’t it?  But, this is not even the beginning. Living life on her own terms, she is ethically non-monogamous, hangs out with monkeys, frolics naked in the forests, enjoys barbeque sex and summer nights! She is a pleasure seeker with a life mantra to be present for each moment, feeling and possibility. Tune in to know the real Gaia Morrissette and her adventures!

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